Today I began the last semester of my high school career — at home. I wasn’t sitting in a neat row with 30 people around me. I wasn’t moving from one class to another every hour and a half with five-minute breaks in between. I was sitting alone at my desk, learning to code using Java.

For the next five months, every other day, my classroom will be the world. I have worked out my schedule so that I have the flexibility to take a full day to learn on my own, how I want and what I want. I have bought several courses from the online education platform, Udemy and they will largely be directing my learning. The opportunities for discovery are endless: job shadowing, networking, software development, reading, and so many more.

I’ll admit, I’m not completely comfortable with the idea because there are so many unknowns. How long it will take to learn the material? Will I be able to stay focused? Will I even like it? But the fact that I’m uncomfortable is precisely the reason why I should hack my education.  This program provides an essentially risk-free environment where I can learn valuable skills and build my online presence and portfolio.

Yes, it’s unconventional.

And yes, it’s going to be awesome.


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