It was 12:27. My train left at 12:40, and I still hadn’t left my house.

Needless to say, I’d been in better situations.

I walked out my front door, knowing that my only chance at making the train was to hope that one of my friends going to lunch would drive by and I could flag them down. As fate would have it, it only took two cars before I recognized someone I could wave to.

So there I was, in a car zooming down Main Street at nearly 60 miles an hour, racing to get to the train station before 12:40. To say that I was cutting it close would be an understatement. We were stopped at a stoplight with the train station in view when we saw the train pull up, and my hopes of getting on pull away.

Flashing through the roundabout, we got to the station and the train was still stopped. I knew that I didn’t have enough time to buy a ticket, but I’d taken the train dozens of times and only been checked for a ticket once, so I was sure to be safe. I would just buy a round trip ticket when I got to my destination and everything would be fine.

I ran up the stairs and down the walkway, telling myself and passersby, “I’m not going to miss that train!” After nearly knocking someone over and sprinting to the train door, I miraculously got on right before the train pulled out. I was home free.

Unless, of course, the train conductor asked to see my ticket, which wouldn’t happen, right? Wrong. Yes, the one time I didn’t buy a ticket, I got checked.

No, I didn’t get thrown off the train, though that would have made the story more interesting.

Why did I need to catch that train, you might ask?

Maz Kanata could tell you.

Other than catching a train, today I started to build a tic-tac-toe app on Android Studio. I’ve talked about how learning code is hard and I feel like my brain isn’t wired to pick it up naturally. Well, today I worked more with how an app looks and how to use animations, and that was really fun. It’s been good for me to see both sides of app development: the code—something that I am not naturally good at, and the design—something that I am naturally good at.

I also watched this TED talk by Josh Kaufman:

It caught my attention because…learning.

Also, I was building the tic-tac-toe app and I got this error message. It sounded dramatic and important.



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