Today was a little different. Heck, every day is different.

(I’m not sure if that’s a good thing)

After exercising and doing yoga, I started my day with an hour of what some might call focused meditation. I’ll call it scripture study and prayer, because that’s what it was. It was the best part of my day.

From there, I dedicated the next hour and a half to storytelling. Over the past week, I’ve been listening to the True Story podcast, where people send in audio of themselves telling a story at “True Story Parties.” Some of these stories are really good and masterfully told, while others are dry and/or inappropriate. You have to sift through a ton of garbage to find the good stuff, so I would only recommend it with caution.

Listening to so many personal stories has made me want to share my own stories and get better at telling them. The only problem is that I don’t have a lot of interesting or moving or funny experiences, and the ones I do have aren’t very long. That’s why I really want to play the True Story game.




2-10 players


Each player draws a Story Card from the deck and tells a true story inspired by that theme.


Story Cards are memory cues to help you think of a story, from your own life, that you feel good about telling to this group right now.


With each round comes new cards and new stories, along with new storytelling elements like vivid descriptions, plot twists, and self-reflection.


Players strategize to earn points, swap and steal themes, and get the best stories out of their fellow players. Who will be crowned Master Storyteller?


So, if anyone anticipates being bored in a few weeks, you could order the game and invite me over.


You can read the true story I wrote today here.


Rediscovering my love for design and creativity has been a little frustrating for me. I thought that I was dead set on going into business, but now I’m not so sure. Of course, I decided to wait until the very last minute before a two-year LDS mission and college to figure this out.

Maybe I’ll still go into business. Maybe this is all just a detour. Maybe I’m wasting my time.

Or maybe not.

I drew this a few days a go and colored it in today using Adobe Illustrator. Of course, it’s a manifestation of my unapologetic love of Star Wars.




I thought this video was interesting. I’ve always thought that voice acting is awesome, mostly because the stars don’t have to be supermodel barbie doll action figure steroid people to be amazing, so it’s more realistic for me to dream about.


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