To be completely honest, I had no idea what I was going to do today.

I didn’t have enough of a structure to go all-in on a storytelling curriculum, I didn’t feel like sketching would be the right thing, and I didn’t really want to restart learning how to code.

I know what you’re thinking: Learning to code was the main reason why I started this experiment. Well, plans change I guess.

So, I had a heart to heart with myself and wrote down several things that I wanted to accomplish between now and June. One of the items on the top of the list surprised me: learn to play the piano.

I started taking piano lessons at the ripe old age of eight-years-old and stopped once I hit seventh grade, far too early for anyone with any sense. My reasoning was that I was playing the trumpet in the band and it was just too much to practice. First of all, half an hour a day on each instrument isn’t that much time. Even fifteen minutes on the piano probably would have been enough. Second, I wasn’t good at playing the trumpet. No, really bad. I would play and my older brother’s ears would bleed from over exposure to awful sounds. His ears were much happier when I brought a French horn home and blew into that.

Ever since seventh grade, I have regretted leaving the piano behind and have wished that I was better at playing the biggest instrument in our house (we have a baby grand).

Today, I decided to pick it back up. Luckily, my mom teaches piano. To say that she is a “piano teacher” would be a gross disservice—she is a piano zen Buddha sensei master. She is an amazing performer and a spectacular teacher.

Sitting down with her, I felt like Po in this scene:

We started with the basics—even more basic than I already knew. I was a little annoyed that we were starting on a level that I felt was far below what I was capable of, but it ended up being really helpful. I learned the key concepts of chords, which I’m sure I knew at one point but have since forgotten.

One big difference between learning piano now and learning piano when I was in elementary school is that I really want to learn now. I want to practice because I know it will help me get better.

Before I started, I watched this TED talk about learning and practice:

20 hours. That’s what it takes. I’m keeping track of my lesson and practice time to see where I am in 20 hours. This is going to be fun!


I listened to part of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows audiobook yesterday and was reminded of how awesome those books are. If you haven’t ever listened to them, you can hear a sample here.



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