Most students my age develop “senioritis”—the state of not wanting to work hard in school anymore because you’ve already been accepted to college and your grades don’t matter—during the months of January or February.  Then again, most students my age don’t have an entire day off of school to get excited about learning again.

My case of senioritis happened to hit me today.

On my days at school, I take four classes: AP Art History, AP English Literature/Language, yoga, and seminary. (Okay, so I’m technically taking FIVE release periods because seminary isn’t through the school.)

As you might have guessed, yoga has caused me a lot of stress lately. The rigorous in-class course schedule and studying have taken a toll on me. I am constantly overwhelmed with the amount of work I have and I rarely have time to relax and read about Impressionist artists. My yoga final is coming up in two weeks and if I don’t pass, my soul will be moved down a level and I’ll have to go through life as an aspen tree again. To make matters worse, I will be gone next week at the DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC) and won’t have a lot of time to study and align my chakras.

Today, I felt no motivation to keep grinding out my yoga class—after all, life as an aspen tree wasn’t that bad, was it? I hit a brick wall. Luckily, I wasn’t badly hurt and I kept on walking.

The whole day, I could feel that my chakras were out of alignment, and there was no yoga mechanic nearby that could fix them. I not only neglected my studies, I almost completely gave up on trying to learn on my own.

The day wasn’t a complete wash because I watched this video. (One that I guarantee exactly zero of the 12 people who read this will actually watch.)

I learned some new things from the video, and there were a lot of principles that I already knew but was reminded of. His delivery is great, his message is great, and his examples are great. The biggest point that I took away was that it’s very possible to make millions selling physical products, but the most important thing to focus on is selling to people. Building an audience is the key to success in a business, and selling to a pain point is a lot more effective than selling to a point of pleasure.

Yoga is incredibly difficult and I can hardly imagine what the final will be like. Please meditate for me and send positive vibes.


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