Going to school on days that you normally do super awesome stuff at home is lame. Today was, at least.

This week I’ll be in Anaheim for the DECA International Career Development Conference, a week that would normally be filled with AP test reviews. Because I will be missing my classes this week, I attended AP US Government, AP English, and AP Art History today to make sure I missed as little as possible.

While sitting in on class periods that are different from what I was used to, I felt overwhelmingly like an outsider. More than usual, I mean. These classrooms were filled with my peers–people who I’ve gone to school with for years. A few of my good friends were even in some of my classes, but that didn’t alleviate any of the alienation I felt. 

We all belong to a tribe. Everyone has a group of people who they identify with because of shared interests or traits. You have the balloon animal artists in one corner, the mailmen in another, and the indie rock hipsters in another. My peers in class all belonged to the tribe of that class period, and I very much did not. Not wanting to put forth much social courage and expose my vulerability, I quickly erected the four walls of my own kingdom. I sat alone, surrounded by people, and I didn’t really care. I had violated the normalcy of their tribe and didn’t want to wedge myself into the securely woven fabric of their community.

I took a multiple choice test in AP US Government, an essay test in AP English, and drew a picture of Spiderman in AP Art History because the class period I attended was a day behind my regular class, so the material was all review. (I only wish someone would have told me beforehand…)

I considered what tribes I belong to. There are the obvious ones–school classes, church groups, and my Ultimate Frisbee team. As far as a group of people that I share interests with, nothing really came to mind. The majority of people who I interact with are adults. (Since I’m legally an adult, I counted my interations with myself in that tally.) For the most part, I think that’s okay.
As a side note, the Jazz beat the Clippers yesterday.


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