I took the AP Art History test today.

I fell asleep from question 51 to 75.

Let me tell you, it’s hard to fill in a multiple choice test when the questions are one part what’s on the page and two parts what you’re dreaming about. I’m pretty sure Joe Johnson doesn’t have anything to do with art history, but I was convinced that he was the subject of one of the test questions.

My dream-filled testing stupors come and go in the blink of an eye. One question I’ll be wide awake and the next I’ll be fighting sleep and drifting in and out for 20 questions or more until I randomly come back to reality to find that I’ve answered a lot of questions without being fully conscious. The fact that I’m taking a high stakes test with a limited amount of time doesn’t make me stay awake, though I am aware of the fact and of the gravity of the situation if I don’t finish in time. Shaking my head violently, balling my fists, or pinching myself don’t help, either. I’ve tried it all, and nothing helps. The good news is that my subconscious usually functions decently enough to put down the right answers…most of the time.

I hate taking standardized tests.

I’ve never seen The Theory of Everything, but it has a great soundtrack.


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