When I was a kid, I played little league baseball. It was awful. We lost a lot and I wasn’t very good, so I stopped playing after a few years.

In 5th grade, I started playing basketball, which I was also bad at. I couldn’t dribble, shoot, pass, or move very well, and that didn’t change much over the course of about five years. I stopped playing for a few years for two reasons: 1) I injured my hip flexor and knee and 2) after my injuries healed I was afraid that playing basketball would re-aggravate them. Recently, I have gotten back to playing basketball somewhat competitively, and I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I used to be. I can actually shoot, though my percentage isn’t always great.

Today I was playing a pickup game and whenever I got passed to and I had an open look, I took the shot—and missed most of the time. The point isn’t that I missed shots, it’s that I chose to take a risk and shoot the ball. There is no other way to get better at in-game shots than taking them while you’re in a game. Sure, it’s a make or miss game, but every time I set up to shoot, I firmly believed that the ball would go in.

I like to put myself out there and take risks. I want to learn and improve.

Also, CinemaWins is my new favorite YouTube channel.


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