Today I spent more money on things I need for my mission.

I bought soles so I would be prepared to bring people to the only one who can save souls.

I can’t help but think about how broke I will be when I return after two years. My bank account will be nearly empty, I will be missing the equivalent of an associate’s degree, and will forgo two years of work experience. I’ll be missing two Star Wars movies, the new Spiderman movie, and a myriad of other films.

It would seem that I’m sacrificing a lot by choosing to serve, but I would be giving up more if I chose not to go. The experiences I have will better prepare me for the business world, but those benefits pale in comparison to the foundation of a righteous life that I will build. Though I may be missing out on valuable networking opportunities, the relationship I will be able to form with my Savior will be much more valuable.

I’m going to be broke, but I’m going to be rich.


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