Day 37 – Pretty Much Over

For the second to last day of not going to school, I didn't handle my time very well.


Day 36 – Mission Shopping Part 2

Today I spent more money on things I need for my mission. I bought soles so I would be prepared to bring people to the only one who can save souls.

Day 35 – Basketball

Recently, I have gotten back to playing basketball somewhat competitively, and I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I used to be.


Day 34 – A Few Degrees

There are days that define your story beyond your life. You have the obvious ones—graduations, marriages, births, deaths. Defining as these may be, the moments of quiet courage, cowardly silence, decisive change, or bold risk taking may be more life-altering, though less obvious to the casual observer.


Day 33 – Mission Shopping

Today I spent nearly $1400 on clothes and other items for my mission. It was the culmination of roughly 160 hours of farm work last summer. I traded long mornings weeding fields for two suits. I traded afternoons hauling hay for eleven white shirts. I traded late nights and early mornings handling irrigation water for … Continue reading Day 33 – Mission Shopping


Day 32 – Gobert_Block.gif

It seems that growth, like scoring in basketball, tends to happen in runs.


Day 31 – Blood Stories

I'd never donated blood before, so I was ready to have some fun.


Day 30 – Return on Investment

Everything you do has an ROI—what you think, what you eat, what you do and don't do. Your return on investment isn't always monetary, either.


Day 29 – Goodbye Bubblesheet

I had a friend comment to me that my life is easy. Not easy, just different. Today was easy, though.


Day 28 – Asleep for AP

Let me tell you, it's hard to fill in a multiple choice test when the questions are one part what's on the page and two parts what you're dreaming about. I'm pretty sure Joe Johnson doesn't have anything to do with art history, but I was convinced that he was the subject of one of the test questions.