Reality Check

Today I went back to school after a week in California. It was a strange transition. I was coming off of placing in the top ten internationally in a high school marketing competition, an achievement that some might say is bordering on elite. I should have been on top of the world. But I wasn't.


Day 21 – Ideas

There are few things more powerful than an idea. A simple thought can topple governments, upend societies, drive innovation, and change the world. It's amazing to see your ideas—the ambiguous, incomprehensible goings-on in your head—materialize into something tangible.

Day 19 – Midpoint

Who in their right mind would take four home release periods and not spend them sleeping? Who would try and improve their piano skills after not picking up the instrument for nearly five years? Who would give up the opportunity to be a part of the Davis High School Wind Ensemble, one of the finest concert bands in the country? Who would be crazy enough to think they could completely control their education and be dedicated to learning for six to eight hours straight every other day?