If an astronaut lands on an unknown world, the safe thing to do is keep his helmet on. It is, after all, his connection to life. No helmet means no oxygen. 

However, at some point the explorer may have to take another giant leap for mankind and see if this new environment is habitable to human life without the aid of an oxygen tank. He takes the helmet off and either dies, or discovers that he can survive without it.

This is a metaphor for my experience whenever I start something new. For a while, I stick to guardrails that make me feel safe—tutorials, simple shortcuts, not taking risks. But eventually, I have to decide to take a step forward and “take off my helmet.” It’s only then that I will learn whether I can survive in my new environment.

The image was modeled in Cinema 4D and rendered in Redshift. The astronaut body and helmet were free models from Raoul Marks, an Australian motion designer.
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