Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Teresa Toews
Written by Jay Grandin
Storyboard: Esther Cheung
Illustration: Eric Pautz, Rafael Mayani, Hugo Baurens, Genice Chan, Esther Cheung
Animation: Esther Cheung, Sitji Chou, Johannes Fast, Fabio Valesini, Diego MacLean, Conor Whelan, Ben Ommundson
Compositing: Conor Whelan, Diego McLean, Eric Pautz, Noah Bavonese, Johannes Fast
Music and Sound: Ambrose Yu
This was published in the Fall of 2020 while the world was still in the thick of a pandemic. Although the large light in the sky is ambiguous, I think it communicates the concept of global catastrophe and global hope. The piece clearly communicates the worldwide effect of this light, which I believe symbolizes the far reaching impact of a pandemic. However, the overall tone is very hopeful, showing people stopping and watching the light in anticipation. I can only assume that the light is a good thing, even if it is far reaching and unexplainable.
The art of this piece is amazing. Light seems to be a recurring motif, and Giant Ant's handling of light is masterful. Objects are illuminated in realistic ways and the light has volume and floating specks. Unlike popular flat explainer video characters, the subjects of this video have weight and volume and form. Faces are expressive and bodies are correctly proportioned. 
The background of each scene is breathtaking. The sheer diversity of set pieces is impressive, especially when each one has so much detail. 
The movement is beautiful in this piece. It's smooth at some points and more halting at others. I would guess that there is a lot of 3D work going on, but because of how things are shaded you can't really tell. For example, the gun at 0:33 has got to be a 3D model...right?
I've picked out some of my favorite moments below:
The water here is really great. But the biggest draw from this shot is the anticipation move. The woman's eyes look up, then her whole body moves.
Great anticipation that tells a story.
So many things to like about these shots. The smoke is perfectly wispy but also possesses the right amount of mass. The light coming in through the stained class is powerful. Background is blended so well with the characters. The object swinging hangs for just long enough to make you hold your breath.
This shot is beautiful. The thing that made me pick it out was the small detail of the headscarf moving. It's a subtle detail that makes a huge difference.
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