Jorge Rolando Canedo Estrada is one of the best motion design animators ever. Originally from Bolivia, he currently the creative director at Ordinary Folk, based out of Vancouver, Canada. 
This captures the concept of the Reformation really well. The frantically moving textures seen on books and in the background subliminally communicate commotion and unrest. Additionally, there are very few moments of stillnessmovements are fluid and objects almost never come to a rest. This combination of constant movement and fluid movements reinforces the ideas of the Reformation as a whole: there was a lot of conflict about things that should be bringing peace.
Jorge is credited for pioneering the Alegria art style while working at Buck. The style is now known as "the corporate art style" and features flat designs and characters with crazy proportions. While this video doesn't completely feature the Alegria style, it does lean into a relatively flat vector style while adding variety with tasteful noise and other textures. 
The visual narrative moves between abstract elements and recognizable stylized objects and people, taking the viewer on a journey through abstract concepts and specific history. The composition tends to be grounded in grids at key moments in the beginning, while showing free flowing frames during the second half of the video.
The animation in this video is crisp and clean. There's nothing that jumps out as out of place or feeling off. There also aren't many places that make me think, "Wow, the easing there is just perfect." Everything just works together really well. I think the strength in this piece shines through the transitions. 
Here are some examples:
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